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That's when the President invited me to the White House...

First, let's rewind... I was just a kid in a college dorm room self-learning this crazy new thing called digital marketing that was changing fast. YouTube was just starting out, mobile advertising was brand new, and most people had no idea the changes that were coming online.


Because I was in the trenches learning how to navigate this new frontier, I was able to get into partnerships with companies I felt were doing interesting things. That led me to meet with the administration at the White House (and what this hand-signed letter by then-president Barack Obama was about).

Pretty cool.

It's crazy to think that this was over 10 years ago.

Never did I think a letter from a president would have "Justin Atlan" at the top...

Photo is from a premiere of a documentary I was featured in about the future of online business.

Now, we help 7, 8 and 9-figure businesses and creators increase their profits without increasing their visitors...

Here's how:

  • We optimize your current sales funnel for the highest conversion rate in turning visitors into customers.
  • We increase your value per customer so each customer earns you more.
  • We help craft new digital offers to deliver the most value to your audience and have true market fit.

Learn more about Milana Atlan here:

Your sales funnel is your automated sales team.

Its only as good as its creator.

Below is a case study for an e-learning platform that we were able to influence early on.

100% of the sales shown below are from the marketing materials we created.

We helped this business go from $2M/year to nearly $10M/year.

This client was unique in that it faced headwinds in terms of its audience.

Year 1 was launch with interest at its height as their entire community was campaigned to.

Later, towards year 3, overall traffic was down considerably (nearly 50%).

However, due to our conversion optimization strategies we were able to do more with less: having record years every year despite having less visitors to convert into customers.

We double your sales without any more traffic.

After 12 years of obsession with all things conversion optimization, we know what to test and how to implement those tests for the best results.

For this business, we took their main sales funnel and nearly doubled their sales rate (from 2.3% to 4.4%) in just 4 months.

The result?

This business made millions more per year.

For another client, our improvements are consistently netting nearly $350k/month in extra revenue due to the increase in conversion rates.

"Justin Atlan has helped us generate an extra $32M+ in revenue directly from our work together." Corey D. VP Marketing

It's been rewarding helping businesses grow. Maybe yours is next.

My work has given me the opportunity to collaborate with great people and become an "award-winning" entrepreneur. It's been an incredible journey so far.

Before we chat, you should probably know...

9 out of 10 businesses just aren't the right fit to work together.

If you have a business that has a large audience, healthy revenue, and is looking to scale... then we should probably chat. I may be able to help.

Ready? Let's Scale.

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